Who is Seth Goldstein?

Seth is the co-founder and CEO of Crossfader, the iPhone app that makes it easy for anybody to DJ.  In 2011, Seth co-founded Turntable.fm, which enabled people to listen to music together online.   Over the past twenty years, Seth has launched a number of pioneering companies, starting with SiteSpecific in 1995 which created some of the first online advertising, Majestic Research in 2003 which was the first investment research company to track online consumer behavior for large hedge funds, and the non-profit Attention Trust which began advocating in 2005 for the rights of Internet users to own a copy of their own browsing data.  Seth is an angel investor in startups like gumroad and splice. Over the past few years, he has worked with the US State Dept to foster entrepreneurship in emerging markets like Egypt, Turkey and Greece.  You can follow @seth on Twitter and read his blog on Medium.  He lives in SF.