An early internet pioneer, visionary serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor and author, Seth Goldstein is committed to creating mission-based businesses that harness and leverage technology for everyone.  For more than 20 years Goldstein has successfully built businesses that evolve the way people use technology to improve their lives. Today his driving principle is based on his unequivocal belief that current technology leaders have failed to protect consumers from the unintended consequences of their inventions. This conviction has led Goldstein to develop the world’s first data fiduciary service. Spartacus, named for the rebel gladiator who inspired people to free themselves from captivity, enables individuals to protect their privacy and take back control of their data. It offers consumers a level of personal cyber protection-expertise previously only available to corporations.

Goldstein’s initial ventures were SiteSpecific (1995), one of the original internet advertising agencies, and Majestic Research (2002), the first alternative data investment research firm. These companies informed his early recognition that consumer data mining would underpin the evolving digital economy, and that the average user was unaware of the privacy protections they were trading for access to the technology and services they would come to rely upon. In 2005, Goldstein had his sights on internet consumer rights. He co-founded Root Markets (2005), a financial exchange allowing consumers to sell online data about themselves, and worked with like-minded technologists to establish AttentionTrust.org (2006), a non-profit which distributed a free browser plug-in predicated on the belief that personal information is worth far more than the services Google and others offer in return.

Finding that most people preferred convenience to privacy, not yet viscerally feeling the exposure and monetization of their data as an issue, Goldstein turned his attention to co-founding:  SocialMedia.com (2008, also CEO), a leading social advertising platform which spearheaded the development of social ads; turntable.fm (2011), the social music pioneer; Crossfader (2014), the first global remix app for DJ’s; and Node (2018), a San Francisco-based blockchain community center, among other ventures.

Goldstein attended Columbia University, earning a BA in dramatic literature. He is based in Venice Beach